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vrijwilliger bij scouting


Here below you find the faq's, if you have another question don't hesitate to contact us!

I am interested in a volunteer job. What now?

Just click on the vacancy and register. If you already have an account, you log in and reactie to the vacancy you like. The organisation that placed the job vacancy will react within two weeks. Do you get no reaction, let us know, that is terrible and we will follow up.

I would like help to find a nice volunteer job.

Call or mail us or visit us on the first floor of the public library. You can make use of our extensive local network in all fields of life.

The first step I find difficult, can you help?

Have you been out of a job for some time? are you having difficulties learning the Dutch language? Do you have some kind of physiological or mental limitation? or any other reason you prefer to be helped by us, feel welcome. If you want we can arrange the first contact with the volunteer organisation and accompany you. Make an appointment with Astrid Zeilstra.

Which function suits me best?

You find a large variety of different functions in the vacancy board. Can you use some help? we can always help you in selecting a volunteer job that fits you best. visit us on the first floor of the public library.

I don't see a suitable volunteer job for me?

Don't worry, each day new jobs are coming in, just let us know how we can help you to find something that is suitable to you.

I am not treated well!

Please contact Machteld Speets and/or Machteld Vos de Wael. They are the two confidential advisors. They can listen to you and help you find a solution whether it concerns bullying, discrimination, exclusion, agression or sexual harassment. Send them a mail [email protected] or call 06-83265736. We react within 24 hours even in the weekend.

I live on social welfare, can I do voluntary work?

Yes, in most cases you can do that although you have to mention this to social welfare folks.

I don't have a paid job at the moment, why would voluntary work be a good idea?

Just because it is good to stay active and surround yourself with people with all of their networks. You never know how one thing might lead to the other i.e. paid work. In any case it shows that you are working towards making a difference in the world.

Employers see your voluntary work experience in that:

- you use your talents

- you can co-operate

- you are prepared to dedicate yourself to a goal or task

- you want to make a difference

- you want to increase your work experience

Why would I be doing volunteer work?

The beautiful thing is that when you volunteer you can make someone or something happy/better while benefitting yourself. You gain lots of different experience that you would nog get in only one paid job. Furthermore it increases your network and that has proven time again the best way of finding paid work.

Lastly, believe it or not, voluntary work is good for your physical as well as mental health, lots of studies have shown this.