Volunteers are worth their weight in gold

Volunteer work

Er is van alles te doen. Met je handen of juist met je hoofd. Binnen of buiten. Bij mensen thuis of voor organisaties. Eenmalig of juist regelmatig.

Need some help?

Heeft u hulp van een vrijwilliger nodig? Lees wat wij voor je kunnen doen.

Expertise Centre

Heb je vragen over vrijwilligerswerk of over het werken met vrijwilligers? Lees wat wij voor je kunnen doen.

Symposium 'Blik op Vrijwilligerswerk

Symposium 'Blik op vrijwilligerswerk' met boeiende sprekers, een speels intermezzo en inspirerende workshops onder leiding van Manja Mekking, directeur van de bblthk

Voor coördinatoren & bestuursleden van Wageningse vrijwilligersorganisaties, gemeenteambtenaren, raadsleden & fractieleden, vrijwilligers. 

Datum: donderdag 25 november 2021

Tijdstip: 17:30 tot 21:30 uur (na borrelen mag)


0–2 hrs/wk
Volunteer location Wageningen
During the issuance moment, you will speak to the guests and ensure that they receive the items they need to keep their pet(s).Posted by Stichting Dierenvoedselbank Vallei & Veluwe
0–2 hrs/wk
Secretary of the Wageningen Sint
Keeping an overview in a hectic time, with many interests and involved organizations. Helping the Wageningen Sinterklaas actor to keep calm.Posted by Stichting Verhalenhuis
2 hrs/wk
Nice company
Pleasant, talkative woman of around 60 years old is looking for a buddy with whom she can undertake fun activities. Are you going out together?Posted by Humanitas Contact Houden (maatjesproject)


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About us

Volunteer Centre Wageningen. For over 25 years your expert in town on volunteering!

We contribute to a dedicated society, where people love to do something for somebody or something else. Just like that, out of free will.

That is why we work to make volunteering successfull in all kinds of thinkable ways. For inhabitants, for community organisations and for volunteers.

Welcome on the first floor of the Public Library at the City Centre. Stationsstraat 2, 6701 AM, Wageningen.

Cooperation in social welfare domain

The Welsaam network supports inhabitants in their wellbeing. Our aim is to reach people as fast as possible. Prevention is better than cure.

The Welsaam network works with the new definition of health by Machteld Huber. The term "positive health" is derived from the new health concept. It stands for a broad view on health, in which health is no longer considered as a static condition but rather as the dynamic ability to adapt and to manage one's own well-being. By shifting the emphasis to resilience and well-being (rather than ill-health).

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