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Experts with a mission

Volunteer Centre Wageningen, your expert on volunteering in town for over 25 years!

We contribute to a caring society, where people love to do something for somebody or something else. Just like that, out of free will.

That is why we work to make volunteering successfull in all kinds of thinkable ways. For inhabitants, for community organisations and for volunteers.


How it started

In January 1995 some 8 local care organisations and churches joined forces. They wanted to link volunteers to beautiful initiatives and projects in town. On a cold winter morning the Volunteer Centre was born. Wtih the same amount of drive and passion we still match volunteers to the right volunteer jobs.


Daily practice

Volunteer Centre Wageningen is guided by a dedicated and talented board. The daily affairs are handled by three experienced paid employees and 35 volunteers. Together they enable:


  • A community service desk where all inhabitants of Wageningen can ask for help, or organisations can ask for volunteers or any other thing.
  • An up-to-date vacancy board
  • Skill building for volunteers through workshops and courses at the volunteer Academy
  • Improved cooperation of voluntary care and professional care organisations
  • Broad promotion of volunteer work (online & offline) 
  • A centre of expertise for all questions related to voluntary service
  • A broad and warm local and regional network
  • A socially safe place to be


VCW is affiliated with the national board of volunteer organisations (NOV). This is the branche organisation that enhances volunteer work in the Netherlands.

VCW is partner in Welsaam, a network of 28 partners within the field of care & support in Wageningen.

Public Library Wageningen

Meet our team!

we love to help you

Pay us a visit at Stationsstraat 2, 6701 AM, Wageningen

You can find us on the first floor of the beautiful Public Library down town.

Opening hours:

Monday - Thursday from 9:30-11:30 am

Tuesday - Thursday from 14:00-16:00 pm

Call or email

0317 413 088


[email protected]

Ask your question or make an appointment. You are very welcome.

Contact us

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Astrid Zeilstra
Astrid Zeilstra[email protected]06-12117190
Adviseur vrijwilligerswerk

Zoek je vrijwilligerswerk? Of een vrijwilliger? Ik denk graag met je mee. Ook met vragen over scholing kun je bij mij terecht.
Christina van de Weijer
Christina van de Weijer[email protected]06-57020933
Adviseur Informele hulp

Ben je een inwoner van Wageningen en zoek je hulp? Werk je bij een hulpverlenende organisatie? Ik beantwoord al je vragen.
Djuna Buizer
Djuna Buizer [email protected]06-82041405
Coordinator #Meedoen and I can help with posting volunteer vacancies on our website

I connect residents of two asylum seeker centers to activities and volunteer work in Wageningen.

Feel free to call, email or app me! Happy to help
Alda Schavemaker
Alda Schavemaker[email protected]I would be happy to help you if you are looking for volunteer work. Looking forward to hear from you!
Machteld Speets
Machteld Speets[email protected]06-83265736
Maatschappelijk ondernemer/Vertrouwenspersoon

Ik help je met het vrijwilligersbeleid en werving van vrijwilligers. Samen met naamgenoot Machteld Vos de Wael en Jan van Neerbos ben ik vertrouwenscontactpersoon.
Machteld Vos de Wael
Machteld Vos de Wael [email protected]Mobile: 06-83265736
Confidential advisor

Are you a member of a local volunteer organisation or sport club? I listen to your query and link you up with the right contacts to help you.
Jan van Neerbos
Jan van Neerbos[email protected]06-83265736

Ik ben vertrouwenscontactpersoon. Ik luister naar je en help je.

annual reports

you want to see the scope of our work? check out our results.