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 Who helps me to see the joy of life again?

Who helps me to see the joy of life again?

Organisation role · 1–2 hrs/Week
Van Sallandthof 34d, 6701 JG Wageningen, Nederland
Social contact
3 Good health and well-being
The organiser has marked this activity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other opportunities here.
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Humanitas Tandem
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Contact person

Jamal RoskamAsk Jamal a question or contact the organiser directly at [email protected] or 06 120 66 504.


We are looking for a buddy for a Romanian man who will help him to see the joy of life again.

Detailed description

Detailed description

D. is in his thirties who came to the Netherlands at a young age. His experiences with the Netherlands are not only positive, as a result of which D. has lost some of his trust in people. D. therefore has few contacts. He is on his own, but hopes to find someone to walk, cycle and/or garden with. By doing things together, he hopes to bring joy back into his life. D. suffers from depression, which sometimes makes life difficult for him.

Job description

As a buddy you listen and you think about how your buddy can handle things. By creating peace and space, your buddy will be able to focus on the future again.

Your commitment is approximately 1 to 3 hours per week. In addition, there is a volunteer meeting once every six weeks in which you can exchange experiences and/or discuss specific topics.

Required knowledge/skills: you endorse the values of Humanitas: equality, responsibility, self-determination, involvement and demand-oriented.

Job requirements

  • you would rather listen than talk
  • you are open-minded, do not judge quickly
  • you have a open attitude
  • you can take initiative, but also give the other person the space to take it if needed
  • you inspire, encourage but do not steer

What does Humanitas offer the volunteer?

  • an enthusiastic volunteer team
  • expert guidance and support
  • internal training, team consultation and meeting meetings
  • we learn a lot from each other through the mutual exchange of experiences with fellow volunteers
  • WA and accident insurance
  • travel allowance (if applicable).

What makes the work worthwhile?

Our volunteers say:

  • Nice to go on a journey together; We didn't know where we ended up, but we progressed step by step.
  • I was involved and at the same time a neutral participant in what a participant was going through.
  • It has given me satisfaction, without any ulterior motive.
  • My buddy brought out something in me that I didn't know I had in me.

Working time

In consultation.

What volunteers need😇 Disclosure and Barring Service

What we will provide to volunteers

💸 Reimbursement of costs🤝 Extra support

Getting there

The organiser has marked this activity as filled. Applications are closed. You can find other opportunities here.
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About Humanitas Tandem

Humanitas Tandem: the two of you dare and do more.
Don't you find it so easy to do things on your own? Or would you like to meet new people? Your buddy from Humanitas Tandem will help you with that. Because together you get to know people more easily and you make contacts faster.

You may feel lonely sometimes. That can happen to anyone. A buddy of Tandem listens, pays attention and thinks along with you. With your buddy you can talk about what concerns you and together you look at how you can make new contacts and maintain old ones. Everything is aimed at giving you the pleasure and self-confidence you need to build your own contacts.
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