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Klusbedrijf Nudetoekomst

About Klusbedrijf Nudetoekomst

Welcome to Neighborhood Company NuDe Toekomst. We are a group of local residents who are strongly committed to improving the quality of life and the economy in the De Nude district. Together with residents, we create a neighborhood where you can meet, work, learn and inspire.

Neighborhood company NuDe Toekomst is a foundation with various initiatives that make this possible. At the moment, the neighborhood company has the following initiatives; a handyman company, green company and food & health hub.
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Recently added activities

 Jobs at Buurtbedrijf Nude Toekomst
Task · 2–4 hrs
Jobs at Buurtbedrijf Nude Toekomst
You carry out various jobs for residents of the Nude district, or help with the renovation of the location of the neighborhood business itself at Mennonietenweg 15aPosted by Klusbedrijf Nudetoekomst


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