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About SKV

At SKV you can have sporting fun together, you can develop at your own level as a football player, we have an eye for both your sporting and personal development
At SKV you can enjoy playing football in a familiar environment with a pleasant atmosphere. SKV is an association where everyone is welcome.
We are looking for a good balance between performance and recreational football. Everyone should be able to enjoy playing football at their own level.
We offer an environment where young and old help each other to get better together, achieve success together, and have fun together. SKV supports you to develop as a football player. In the meantime, you also contribute to the association.
A real blue and white SKV person is respectful, modest, jovial and social; casual, fun and enthusiastic.
It is pleasant at SKV, with visibly recurring annual activities.
Our core values:
The core values describe what SKV stands for and what we want to radiate to others. These are the principles from which we work. Welcome: We are proud that we are the largest & most diverse association in the region with seniors, women, boys, girls and G-football. Everyone is welcome here to participate.
Ambition: We do our utmost to be successful in our football performance, in sportsmanship and respect, in our atmosphere, and in our social role.
Fun: We want everyone to have fun within our association, our youth members, seniors, volunteers, parents, selection teams, and recreationists.
Positive: By looking at what works, we want to be a positive association that pays attention to both large and small successes.
SKV core qualities
Describe the core qualities in which we (want to) excel at SKV. Some of these qualities we already have in house, others need further development. But at the core they are there, we are convinced of that.
Developing: We want you to be able to develop within SKV: as a football player, as a volunteer, and as a person.
Together: Working together between young and old, between members and volunteers, between parents and staff, between SKV and sponsors, and with social organizations and companies, that is what we aim for. We are convinced that together we can achieve more.
Organizing: We do our best to organize ourselves transparently and clearly, with transparent plans, roles and responsibilities, expectations, information provision, and communication.
Involvement: We invest in contact with parents, sponsors, new members, in order to build on a trusted, broad and involved SKV network that supports and simultaneously enriches the association.
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