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Stichting Biotoopverbetering

About Stichting Biotoopverbetering

The foundation's aim is to promote (small-scale) private biotope management on the "Zuid-Veluwe" Gelderland.
The foundation tries to achieve its goals by sowing Biotope-enhancing field edges, mainly in the municipality of Renkum.
The field edges are sown with a mixture of up to thirty different types of seeds. To name a few: buckwheat, rammanas, vetch, mallow, phacelia, cornflower, barge and clovers.

We do this mainly because insects (bees, butterflies, bumblebees, etc.), birds and small mammals in the cultural landscape need our help to find varied food and the necessary cover. The seed formation after flowering ensures a rich population of mice, which in turn benefits birds of prey and owls.
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Recently added activities

Chairman of the Biotope Improvement Foundation
Organisation role · Flexible hours
Flexible location
Chairman of the Biotope Improvement Foundation
The board of the Biotope Improvement Foundation “Zuid-Veluwe” is looking for a chairman with an affinity for nature.Posted by Stichting Biotoopverbetering


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