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Stichting De Hoge Born

About Stichting De Hoge Born

De Hoge Born care farm is situated in a beautiful location amidst the fields next to the Wageningen University campus. We offer a great place for people looking for daytime activities, activating work or occupational therapy. Working on the land is healthy and tangible because of the contact with nature.
On the Hoge Born, people find a place where rest and activities are combined under expert guidance: A place to recover and to discover talents. The commercial character ensures a concrete and visible result.
At Boerderij de Hoge Born, organic fruit and vegetables are grown and chickens are kept for fresh eggs. All our products have an ecological quality mark (SKAL). In our farm shop you can find a wide range of organic products, fresh from the land. In addition, there are possibilities for meeting with a group and for excursions about the company. Come and taste the atmosphere! Be surprised by the charm of farm life. You're welcome!
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