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De Maakfabriek

About De Maakfabriek

At De Maakfabriek we make art. Interactive installations, performances or community art projects. With 7 artists we make a program at our different locations, but also in our driving location! From film screenings to mini-theatre shows, art-talks and workshops.
Maakfabriek has worked with all kinds of different institutes, museums and artists, such as: Guramayne Art Center, Addis Ababa, National Theater Etjiopia, Bellas Artes, University of Fine arts, Medellin - Fine Arts Museum, Hanoi, Vietnam - Tomo-no-ie, Hokkaido , Japan - University of Fine Arts, Cebu, Philipines - De Kaaij, Nijmegen - Minerva Academy, Groningen - Robodock, Amsterdam - Kunstvlaai, Amsterdam - Witte de With, Rotterdam - Noorderzon, Groningen - W139, Amsterdam - Pluk de Nacht, Amsterdam
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