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Stichting SAMAH

About Stichting SAMAH

SAMAH was founded with the aim of promoting the participation of (former) unaccompanied minor asylum seekers aged 12-25 and to improve their position in the Netherlands.
SAMAH has more than 15 years of experience in working with this target group and has guided thousands of young people
SAMAH contributes to improving the well-being of young single asylum seekers aged 12 to 25 by promoting their interests and strengthening their position in (both) Dutch society and in the country of origin.

As an independent foundation, SAMAH has set up dozens of projects for and with (former) unaccompanied minors since 1999, carried out by professionals, volunteers and young people themselves. More than 5,000 young people have participated in SAMAH projects and activities, including youth teams, buddy and childminder projects, festivals, training courses, coaching programs and volunteer work.
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