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Vrije School De Zwaneridder

About Vrije School De Zwaneridder

Welcome to Vrije School De Zwaneridder, how nice that you have found your way to our school, which is now spread over 2 locations in one of the most beautiful places in Wageningen. We are working on moving to a new construction location in Wageningen in the summer of 2022: Kortenoord.

De Zwaneridder is a free school for primary education, with a BSO/KDV in the building that works from the same vision. Anthroposophy and the pedagogy and didactics based on it are the principles on which our education is based and which give it shape and content. We are part of the Pallas Foundation and endorse the vision that can be read elsewhere on this website and in the school guide.

An important part of our identity becomes visible in our way of working together and within this we are looking for space for the individual in the social context of our school. Space for yourself and respect for the space of others, these are the core qualities that we want to convey and that we would like to pass on to our students. We cordially invite all parents to contribute to this.

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